Super Easy Hand Sanitizer Recipe

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Here is a super easy, much cleaner version of hand sanitizer that you can make in under a minute! With cold and flu season upon us keep one close for those grotty moments!

To kill bacteria and viruses you need 60% alcohol. The best one to use is 95% grain alcohol (or ethyl alcohol) - but this can be hard to find, and/or expensive... what’s the difference? rubbing alcohol (or isopropyl alcohol) is readily available in super markets and chemists. Rubbing alcohol has had chemicals added (aka. Denaturants) to make it taste bad. Generally, rubbing alcohol is a byproduct of the oil refining process. This is why we prefer the best source, ethyl (or grain) alcohol if you can get it, or even your European grandfather’s moonshine 😉.

Can't be bothered with this DIY stuff?  You can buy our ready-made hand sanitiser here!

Want to know more about how hand sanitiser works?  Read our 'How Sanitising is Hand Sanitiser?' article here!

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