Hello!  I'm Kelly Lynne, the founder of La Vida Low Tox. 
I'm super passionate about living chemical free.  My motto is,

'why layer up in toxic chemicals if you don't have to?'

Unless you live in a pristine wilderness we are surrounded every day with environmental toxins that we can't control.  Most of us are also unknowingly surrounding and covering ourselves, and families, with toxins that we can control, all while thinking we're doing the right thing.  Pretty crazy huh?  Product packaging sure has a lot to answer for!  Many of these beautiful looking, and often very expensive products promising us fragrant, glowing beauty, are doing us more harm than good. 

My interest in living low tox came about when I couldn't get rid of a dry, itchy eczema rash that was all over my back, front, and scalp.  It was a red, raw nightmare for years as I tried different doctors, medical treatments and skin specialists to make it clear.  All these treatments would help for a little while, and then return, more ferocious than ever. 

How could this be?

During my studies in naturopathy I discovered first-hand the power of the principle, 'Tolle Causam' which means, 'identify and treat the cause'.  This inspired me to have a good think about this rash as I asked myself these questions:  Why was it worse on my back and scalp?  Why was it most irritated after I washed my hair?

It had to be my shampoo and conditioner! I was in denial though because my shampoo and conditioner said 'organic' on the front.  Surely my fairly expensive, coconut scented, 'organic' hair care couldn't be the culprit, could it?  It certainly could!  My wake-up call came when I looked up every single ingredient.  What a surprise!  They were filled with harsh chemicals: preservatives that are known carcinogens, fragrances that disrupt hormones, foaming agents that cause allergies, and yes, organic coconut as well.  I was confused, angry, and relieved to find that when I ditched this shampoo and conditioner my eczema settled better than it ever had under the care of any doctor!  It was such a simple, logical solution.   From here I researched how to change all my everyday products with chemical free (low tox) alternatives, and so this lovely little business was born. 

My aim is to share the latest science-backed information to help you understand, and know, exactly what you're buying, and what to look for, so you know you're making the best choice for you and your family.

I'm also here to give you everything you need to make your own fantastic everyday skincare and cleaning products, from scratch, using real ingredients.  Simple. 

If you are an adventurous DIY'er then you're set with my tried and true recipes, and ingredients to make your creations as easy as possible.  If you're not so inclined but would love the benefit of using pure products, then I have you covered with our pre-made range.

What else?  My first degree was a Bachelor of Technology, majoring in product design, and my second degree is a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in naturopathy.  I am passionate about research, experimenting, self care, food as medicine, and the power of herbs.  I am a nature and animal lover, a vegetarian, I love to cook, and I have a sweet tooth.  I love Hawaii, especially the windward side of Oahu, I love Oprah and her never ending amazingness, I live in Melbourne, Australia and though I grumble at the winter weather, it is a vibrant, cultured and fantastic city.  I also have a husband and two very spoilt cats.

I hope you enjoy all that you find in this site. 
In good health always...