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Do these products look familiar?

Are they hanging around your cupboards waiting to make your house sparkle?  I bet they’re promising to kill 99.9% of all nasty germs and bacteria to keep you and your family safe?

I have used all of these and many others.  They work beautifully (for sparkle), but they’re not-so-beautiful for your health (and by this, I mean they can negatively affect and/or cause all the nasty things like cancer, respiratory problems, hormone disruptions, skin issues, and the list goes on and on).  And don't even start me on the smell of artificial fragrance!  UGH 😱!  Once you've been chemical free for a while just wait and see how sensitive your nose becomes to anything artificial, especially fragrance.  And guess what else?  We are supposed to be sensitive to these smells; if we are sickened, repelled, turned-off, etc, this is our body's defense mechanisms telling us to stay away, danger, get some fresh air, or run!  Listen to your body's genius!

These products are in fact poisonous.  Look into some of the ingredients and see what you find.  I don’t mean consulting the manufacturer’s website, because they’re going to tell you how great they are, how safe, how well they’ll protect your family, how your time will be saved, and how your life can’t do without them.  Flip over the product and look at the ingredients one by one.  Use an app like Chemical Maze and type in each ingredient and see what comes up.

How can this be possible?

Because their motivation is money.  Because they can afford to to pay the right people to say the right things to endorse their products.  Because if they can bamboozle you with enough ‘science’ to prove that they have your best interests at heart then you’ll be sold.  And they’ll make more money.  Simple.  Your house will shine, your friends will be impressed.  Job done!

What if I can find you healthy, natural alternatives?  

Inside the world of La Vida Low Tox I’m going to review and recommend different products to help achieve everything (and more) that these poisons promise, all without hurting your health.  Better still, I'm also going to make the best solutions available on my online store.  Some of my recommendations will be really cheap too.  This will save you money, and space, and your health.  How cool is that?

♥ Kelly Lynne

Disclaimer.  I am not paid for my reviews.  My opinions are my own based on the research that I have conducted over many years.  I use various resources to find my information.  An excellent resource to start with is an app called ‘Chemical Maze’.   For more in-depth info see peer reviewed research journals, databases such as PubMed and specialized texts.  You can find lots of information if you scratch beneath the surface.  My aims are to clean up my life and home and to share what I find with you so you can do the same if it’s that you want to do.  


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