Torus Yantra Crystal Grid - Wood
Torus Yantra Crystal Grid - Wood
Torus Yantra Crystal Grid - Wood
Torus Yantra Crystal Grid - Wood
Torus Yantra Crystal Grid - Wood
Torus Yantra Crystal Grid - Wood
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Torus Yantra Crystal Grid - Wood

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Torus Yantra (Hypnotic Eye) Crystal Board - Wood

Grid Sizes:  25cm (large) and 15cm (small) Diameter

Grid Material:  These crystal grids are made from 3mm wood/timber and laser technology.

**Note:  Pricing includes Torus Yantra wooden board only.  The crystals featured in these images are shown for suggested use. **

The Torus Yantra is also known as a Tube Torus, and also the Hypnotic Eye.  The word Torus comes from the Latin word meaning 'swelling'.   It is the first shape to emerge from the Seed of Life pattern (also known as a Genesis pattern).  The Torus shape is found everywhere from atoms, to blood cells, seeds, flowers, people, stars and galaxies.  In geometry, the torus is an energy dynamic that looks like a doughnut – it has a continuous surface with a hole in it. The energy flows in through one end, circulates around the center and exits out the other side. Real-world examples of toroidal objects include inner tubes (and doughnuts!!).

Arthur Young, scientist and philosopher, explained that a 'torus is the only energy pattern or dynamic that can sustain itself and is made out of the same substance as its surroundings – like a tornado, a smoke ring in the air, or a whirlpool in water.'

The Torus is the aura at the sacred geometrical level which gives and receives energy. The Aura is the connection point of all your chakras together which create the vortex energy via the heart’s electromagnetic frequency arcing out from the heart and back in the form of a torus field. The axis of the heart torus extends from the pelvic floor to the top of the skull (hence connecting the chakras).

The torus is further seen in each person with our bodies being a continuous surface (skin) with a hole through the middle (intestinal tract), while we are each surrounded by our own toroidal electro-magnetic field.  Each individual’s torus is distinct, but is also open and connected to every other torus in a continuous movement of infinite energy.

You can see a torus energy field with a magnet. It is usually invisible, however by scattering iron filings loosely around a magnet you can actually see the toroidal shape of energy.

Grid Uses:  
  • Creation
  • Balance
  • Centering
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Calming
  • As a focal point for meditation
  • Stabilisation
  • Harmony
  • Creativity

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