Tea Tree Oil - 100% Organic
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Tea Tree Oil - 100% Organic

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Botanical name: Melaleuca alternifolia

Tea tree essential oil is known for its cleansing properties and refreshing scent. Aromatically, it is sharp and clean. It is ideal for diffusing to help clear stale odours and for purifying the air.  It's cleansing properties make it a great addition to soaps and moisturisers.  Tea tree is great for teenage skin, and suitable for dry hair shampoo.

Diffusion: Use 3-4 drops in essential oil diffuser for 30 minutes 1-3 times a day.  Diffuse to mask stale, unpleasant odours.
Topically: Apply 2-4 drops to desired area.  Dilute with a carrier oil if sensitive. 
Cleaning: Add to spray bottles as a good DIY surface cleaner, and also to freshen linen and towels.  Use in laundry to freshen your wash. 

Precautions: Keep away from eyes, inner ears and sensitive areas. Avoid during pregnancy.  If using near pets allow proper ventilation - open windows and doors - they are more sensitive than us when it comes to essential oils.
100% Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) oil
Extraction: Steam distillation
Plant Part: Leaves
Size: 12ml

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