'Tree of Life' Essential Oil Car Diffuser
'Tree of Life' Essential Oil Car Diffuser
'Tree of Life' Essential Oil Car Diffuser
'Tree of Life' Essential Oil Car Diffuser
La Vida Low Tox

'Tree of Life' Essential Oil Car Diffuser

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Do you love your car fragrance?  Ditch those disgusting, stinky trees - they are so bad for you!!  Here is a beautiful solution to replace artificial fragrance, perfumes and parfums with pure organic essential oil blends instead.  They smell SOooooooo much nicer, and are MUCH kinder to your body, mind and environment. 

'Tree of Life' Design Essential Oil Car Diffuser

The Tree of Life design is associated with both religious and spiritual beliefs with the meaning varying from culture to culture. A common theme they all share is the idea that a mystical tree connects the physical and spiritual worlds. In addition, the Tree of Life is foundational to supporting all life.
In Buddhism, the Bodhi tree is where Buddha received enlightenment. In Celtic culture, the tree of life represents the connection between the earth and heaven. For Celts, the bond and affection to trees is so deep that they believed the trees were their ancestors, and gatekeepers to the Celtic Otherworld. 

The Tree of Life symbol has great spiritual meaning for many people and religion. The Tree of Life is a universal symbol found in many spiritual traditions. It stands for many things, including wisdom, protection, strength, bounty, beauty, and redemption.



    Type: Car Diffuser -Add a few drops of oil inside the Diffuser Locket and aroma lasts for days! 
    Diffusing Method: Organic Bamboo/Hemp Fabric - 4 discs included (black, red, blue, pink)
    Car Locket Metal: 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel 
    Car Locket Size: 40mm diameter 'Tree of Life' design
    Other Features: Hypo-allergenic and Tarnish resistant
    Supplied in La Vida Low Tox calico pouch

      HOW TO USE

      1. Open the locket.
      2. Add 2-3 drops of essential oil/aromatherapy to the fabric insert
      3. Close the locket.
      4. Gently clip onto an air vent.
      5. The aroma will release from the open faced front of the pendant for up to 5 days.
      6. You can change out the fabric pad or add other oils to previous pads.

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