Clear Quartz Crystal Indirect Infusion Bottle
Clear Quartz Crystal Indirect Infusion Bottle
Clear Quartz Crystal Indirect Infusion Bottle
La Vida Low Tox

Clear Quartz Crystal Indirect Infusion Bottle

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Clear quartz is believed to heal and energize the body.  It's energetic properties are said to help with memory, metabolism, fatigue, and general wellbeing.  It is believed to contain pure life force.  The sparkling white light that the crystal emits contains the entire colour spectrum.  It is an all-purpose stone to be used energetically for new beginnings, fresh energy and for keeping up with life's fast pace.

This drink bottle features an 'indirect' method of infusion where the crystals sit in a separate compartment to the water.  The base unscrews and the crystals can be interchanged depending on your energetic needs.

Taking a holistic approach to wellbeing and beauty centres around balance and nature from the inside out. We believe living la vida low tox and keeping hydrated is the best defence against the signs of ageing. There is something special about clear quartz that will have you drinking plenty of water in no time.


Materials: BPA Free Crystalline Glass, stainless steel and Clear Quartz Crystal
Capacity: 450ml

To change crystals follow these instructions:
1. Hold upside-down and carefully unscrew the bottom and remove the base. The crystal stones will be contained in the bottom compartment of the bottle.
2. Carefully pour the crystal stones into another container.
3. Replace with the crystals of your choice.
4. Carefully screw back together.
5. You will notice there are silicon rings (washers) they’ll need to be cleaned and returned as they were found (ribbed side up) in lid and base.  They keep the bottle from leaking.
6. Screw all the parts back together fill and enjoy!

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